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Brand from China: UGISIX. Color: Rust Red, Materials: Cotton, Size: 28: Waist: 71cm, Hips: 93cm, Hem: 41cm, Front Rise: 25.3cm, Back Rise: 35.3cm, Total Length: 53cm 29: Waist: 73.5cm, Hips: 95.5cm, Hem: 41.9cm, Front Rise: 25.65cm, Back Rise: 35.65cm, Total Length: 53cm 30: Waist: 76cm, Hips: 98cm, Hem: 42.8cm, Front Rise: 26cm, Back Rise: 36cm, Total Length: 54cm 31: Waist: 78.5cm, Hips: 100.5cm, Hem: 43.7cm, Front Rise: 26.35cm, Back Rise: 36.35cm, Total Length: 54cm 32: Waist: 81cm, Hips: 103cm, Hem: 44.6cm, Front Rise: 26.7cm, Back Rise: 36.7cm, Total Length: 54cm 33: Waist: 83.5cm, Hips: 105.5cm, Hem: 45.5cm, Front Rise: 27.05cm, Back Rise: 37.05cm, Total Length: 55cm 34: Waist: 86cm, Hips: 108cm, Hem: 46.4cm, Front Rise: 27.4cm, Back Rise: 37.4cm, Total Length: 55cm 35: Waist: 88.5cm, Hips: 110.5cm, Hem: 47.3cm, Front Rise: 27.75cm, Back Rise: 37.75cm, Total Length: 55cm 36: Waist: 91cm, Hips: 113cm, Hem: 48.2cm, Front Rise: 28.1cm, Back Rise: 38.1cm, Total Length: 56cm 38: Waist: 96cm, Hips: 118cm, Hem: 50cm, Front Rise: 28.8cm, Back Rise: 38.8, Care: N/A

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